Aster Vanderberg
SAR EP106 000671 box
Vital statistics
Position Chief design officer
Age 14
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Aster Vanderberg is Knickknack's chief design officer. He is also the most fashionable guy in school, and the self-proclaimed "king of swag".

He is portrayed by Travis Turner.


As well as having a passion for fashion, Aster tends to look at what's on the outside rather than what's on the inside, and often judges his friends on the basis of their appearance. He's also one of the only ones in the group with common sense. (The other is Piper).


Aster tends to wear fancy, sparkly or somewhat unusual clothes. (In Piper's words, he dresses "like Lady Gaga"). For example, in one episode, he was dressed like a genie.


Jarvis Raines

Jarvis is Aster's boss and one of his friends.

Piper Gray

Piper is one of Aster's frenemies. Aster often likens her to a boy. He also knows about her crush on Jarvis. Mostly, he will tease her, but she will occasionally come to him for advice. They also may, albeit secretly, like each other, as Aster kissed Piper in Realm of Raiders (though it hasn't been confirmed whether either of them liked it).

Geneva Hayes

Geneva is another one of Aster's friends. She shares Aster's passion for fashion.

Knox Knoxford

Knox is his best friend.

Bowie Sherman

Bowie is another one of Aster's frenemies.



  • A running gag is Aster being short.
    • For a moment, he was slightly taller, but eventually shrunk (and appeared to have ended up being even shorter than he was before). (Bouncy Pants)
  • Like how Jarvis has a drool bucket, he has a vomit bucket.
  • He likes to carry around a man-purse, or 'murse'.
    • One item in his 'murse' is 'male polish' (nail polish).
  • He has 3 pets (a dog named Piper, a guinea pig named Jarvis, and a boa constrictor named Knox), each named after one of his friends.


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