Candace and Jarvis
Some attributes
First Candace Wheeler/Mrs. Bubkes and Jarvis Raines
Second Enemies (Candace and Jarvis)/Frenemies (Jarvis and Mrs. Bubkes)
Third Ellie Harvie and Kolton Stewart
Other attributes

Candace and Jarvis are enemies. (However (as far as Jarvis knows), Mrs. Bubkes, Candace's alter-ego, gets along fine with Jarvis, so they may, in a sense, be considered frenemies as well.)


Season 1

Strong Suit

  • Once Jarvis lets Candace know about the damage the chemistry set caused to his house, Candace jokingly suggests he sue her, which he does. The court rules in Jarvis' favour, and makes Jarvis the new owner of the company.

Jarvis and Mrs. Bubkes

Despite the fact Mrs. Bubkes is really Candace in disguise, Jarvis, like the rest of the team, enjoys Mrs. Bubkes' company and is oblivious to her true identity.


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