Fat Cat
Fat Cat
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date April 28, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Jennica Harper
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
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"Fat Cat" is the 16th episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


Candace steals the Fat Cat money that Jarvis needs for the Fat Cat Tournament and she stores it in the bank so the crew has to rob the bank to get it back.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jacqueline Robbins as Ellen


Jarvis: We have to figure out who took that money and get it back.
Bowie: Way ahead of you! I set up my webcam to live stream the tournament online. It's been recording everything in the lobby for the last 24 hours.
Piper: Great! Let's see if this caught the thief in action. [Hits the Play button on the T.V. Screen]
Jarvis: Okay! Fast-forward and let's see what went on.
[They fast-forward the video until they see Geneva talking on her phone on the screen]
Geneva: [On T.V. Screen] I don't care if the shipment is delayed. The warehouse needs those supplies. If planes are grounded get them on a train [Hangs up]
Jarvis: Geneva! Were you doing work?
Geneva: I'm not the one on trial here!



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