Season 1, Episode 23
Vital statistics
Air date August 5, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Cole Bastedo
Directed by Siohban Devine
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Pop Superstar Mmmbomb
"Gizmospinatron" is the 23rd episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


While having a nap at work, Jarvis dreams up the world's greatest toy. Unfortunately, he forgets what it is as soon as he wakes up. In an attempt to help Jarvis remember what the toy was, Piper, Bowie, and Aster try to recreate Jarvis's day so he'll have the exact same dream—while maybe implanting a few ideas of their own. Meanwhile, Knox gets free clothes because he took a video of himself doing a skateboard stunt wearing Epic Thunder's clothes and posted it online. Geneva wants free clothes from Isabella Stracciatella, so she tries to do dangerous stunts.



Main Cast

Guest Cast




Character Revelations


Running Gags

Series Continuity

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