Here We Go
Kolton Stewart
Released 2014
Recorded 2013/2014?
Length 0:36
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

Here We Go is the theme song for Some Assembly Required. It was written by Andrew Ang, and is performed by Kolton Stewart, the actor who portrays Jarvis Raines.


Buckle up,
And hold on tight,
You and me,
On a wild ride,
We're gonna own it,
And change the game,
We'll make it all the way,
Through all the ups and all the downs,
We'll always find a way around,
So here we go,
(Whoa, oh),
Oh, here we go,
(Whoa, oh),
Yeah, here we go,
(Whoa, oh),
You got me,
I got you,
Here we go

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