Piper Gray/Monster Chair
Released 2014
Recorded 2013/2014?
Length 00:33
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

*Not to be confused with Jarvis Raines, Knickknack's CEO and Piper's crush, who the song is reportedly about

Jarvis is a song that either Piper wrote herself or covered from a band called Monster Chair. It was first heard in Pants Full of Ants, then heard again.


My world is bleak,

All full of gloom,

My soul is dead,

In an empty tomb,

Life tries to emotionally starve us

But it won't work,

'Cause I met Jarvis,


You got me losing my mind,


Let me g-give you a sign


This much is true,


I wanna be with you


  • Piper originally thought she wrote that song, and made Monster Chair up, but they could possibly exist (in the show). (Pants Full of Ants)
  • In one of Jarvis' dreams, Jarvis and his friends are singing this together, when a string from his guitar breaks. (Gizmospinatron)

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