Jarvis Raines
SAR EP102 00028 5
Vital statistics
Position CEO
Age 14
Status Employed
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Jarvis Raines is the CEO of Knick Knack Toys, and is one of the main characters in Some Assembly Required. He is portrayed by Kolton Stewart.




Piper Gray

Full Article: Jiper

Piper was one of Jarvis' co-workers. Piper had a crush on him. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Knox Knoxford

Knox was one of Jarvis' co-workers.

Bowie Sherman

Full Article: Jowie

Bowie was one of Jarvis' co-workers. They are best friends, despite the fact he had to beg to join the company

Geneva Hayes

Geneva was one of Jarvis' co-workers.He had a huge crush on her, but later he revealed he liked Piper

Aster Vanderberg

Aster was one of Jarvis' co-workers.

Candace Wheeler

Candace Wheeler is Jarvis's nemesis. Her Teeny Toddler Chemistry Set is responsible for blowing up Jarvis's home, and enabled Jarvis to be the new CEO of Knickknack Toys. Candace despises Jarvis and his friends and schemes to take back ownership of the company.

As Mrs. Bubkes, Jarvis is kind and helpful to Candace, due to being unaware of the disguise.



  • Jarvis appears in every episode of the series.
  • Jarvis is the only character who's home is shown in the series.


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