Some attributes
First Jarvis Raines
and Bowie Sherman
Second Best Friends
Third Kolton Stewart and Harrison Houde
Other attributes

Jowie (J/arvis) and (B/owie) is one of the pairings for Jarvis Raines and Bowie Sherman. Jowie is the first friendship pairing to be introduced in the series. Throughout the series, Jarvis and Bowie are depicted as best friends that act brotherly towards each other. Bowie serves as Jarvis's faithful sidekick, right-hand man, and lovable little brother. While Jarvis is sometimes weirded out by Bowie's antics, he shows concerns for his best friend like no other characters do.


  • Jarvis and Bowie both think of themselves as handsome, although many characters do not think of Bowie that way.
  • When Jarvis believes Bowie was not invited to Geneva's 15th birthday party, he aims to sneak him in.