Season 2, Episode 17
Vital statistics
Air date January 25, 2016 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"K-Kube" is the 17th episode of the 2nd Season and the 43rd episode overall of Some Assembly Required.


When Geneva breaks the K-Kube world record, Jarvis decides to sponsor a competition to make the record official between Geneva and Q-Bot. Meanwhile Jarvis acknowledges Piper as being a girl after seeing her with Bowie. Piper thinks it's because her and Bowie were on a date, but when Bowie decides to break up with Piper, Piper must figure out a way to convince him to stay with her so she can win Jarvis's heart.



Main Cast

Guest Cast


Piper: [Singing to Bowie] Bowie, My heart's all doughy, I'm feeling Lowie, Without You! Bowie' Alaska's Snowy, A Baby Kangaroo is Called A Joey, I love You, Yes, I Do, It's Really True, Bowie, I love You!

Bowie: [Singing to Mrs. Bubkes] Bubkes, Thanks for Cleaning Up-kes, Piper's Filthy Office, She's A SLOB!!!!!!


  • Absent: Dylan Playfair as Knox Knoxford
  • The subplot of Piper and Bowie becoming a couple carries over from Award Show in a Box.
  • This episode was released on Netflix on October 16, 2015, and it was aired on YTV in Canada on January 25, 2016.


Character Revelations


Running Gags

Series Continuity

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