Knox Knoxford
Vital statistics
Position Product safety tester
Age 14
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Malcolm "Knox" Knoxford III is Knickknack's product safety tester. He is portrayed by Dylan Playfair.


While Knox is daring, he's not the brightest.

He's very cheerful, even in hard times. If something wrong happens, he often simply shrugs and says, "Eh, what are you gonna do?" He loves skateboarding and once won a lot of T-Shirts by performing a stunt in an "Epic Thunder" top. He 's also loves jumping off planes .


He dresses somewhat like a surfer, wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals.


Jarvis Raines

Jarvis is Knox's boss and one of his best friends.

Piper Gray

Piper and Knox know each other but they aren't so close.

Bowie Sherman

Bowie and Knox are somewhat friends as well.

Aster Vanderberg

Aster and Knox know each other too but they aren't exactly friends yet.

Geneva Hayes

Full Article: Knoxeva

Geneva is one of his possible crushes and they are good friends too.

Mrs. Bubkes

Knox and Mrs. Bubkes are friends (he even went as far as helping her exercise one time, and seems to trust her enough to ask her for help with relationship advice once). However, he is unaware that she is actually Candace Wheeler in disguise.


Knox: Four snappy meals, please. And whatever these guys are having.

Knox: Piper! Can you play music and talk at the same time? Because we want to dance.

Knox: Sorry I'm late guys! Last night a water pipe burst and our whole place flooded. It took forever to shut the water off. Then I was so tired, I slept through the alarm. THE FIRE ALARM! Our house was on fire! Firefighters got there fast but they couldn't put out the fire because the water was off, SO MY HOUSE BURNED DOWN! [Shrugs his shoulders] Eh, what are you gonna do?


  • Knox has the most absences out of the main cast in the series.
  • He enjoys playing with cardboard boxes, but he once mentioned that he was banned from the box store.
  • Once, he was the stunt double for Geneva in a video entry for a contest.
  • It is revealed that Knox keeps an English dictionary in his right cargo shorts pocket.


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