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Mmmboing held by its creator, Bowie.
Vital statistics
Position Bouncy ball
Age Unknown
Status Bouncing non-stop
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Mmmboing is a special bouncy ball that first started bouncing in the pilot, Strong Suit, and has never stopped since.

It contains a motion powered nano-generator that allows it to bounce forever, literally.


  • A running gag is that it will often appear out of nowhere.
  • In Philharmonica, It had a ball wife and tons of kids whom also bounces forever. Whereabouts of the ball wife and kids are unknown after Mmmboing and its wife's wedding
  • In the finale, Mmmboing became a famous pop star.
  • Mmmboing is temporarily held in place by Mr. Gournisht in Flycycle, but it resumes bouncing after leaving his hand.

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