Piper Gray
02Charlie 0054
Vital statistics
Position Chief Technology Officer
Age 14
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Piper Gray is Knickknack's chief technology officer and "hacker chick". She also has a crush on Jarvis (though he is generally oblivious).

She is portrayed by Charlie Storwick.


Piper is very good with technology, and is really smart. She often dresses in black and seems like an emo, however, she likes tea parties and dolls, and even rainbow bunnies.

She often tries to hide her jealousy of Geneva and crush on Jarvis, but it's rather obvious. She often tries to find ways to show that Geneva is not perfect.

Aside from technology, she also has a passion for music. She is very good at writing songs and was once offered a record deal, which she rejected.


She has short black hair with highlights, and dresses mostly in Goth girl clothes. A few people think she is a boy.


Jarvis Raines

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Jarvis is Piper's boss, friend and crush. He appears to be mostly oblivious to Piper's crush on him, and prefer Geneva, but it's been revealed in Taste Buds that he feels the same way. They've at numerous times, come close to kissing (though didn't get to). An example would be in Realm of Raiders, when Jarvis' real date arrived just as he and Piper were about to kiss to conclude their practice date. As of Captain Indestructible, they are now a couple.

Bowie Sherman

Bowie is another one of Piper's friends. Although, she (like most of the cast) finds him weird.

Geneva Hayes

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Geneva is another one of Piper's frenemies. Piper is slightly envious of Geneva due to her looks, everything seeming to go her way, and Jarvis seemingly preferring her over Piper.

Aster Vanderberg

He and Piper are a mix of friends and enemies. Most of the time, he'll make fun of Piper, but occasionally, he will say something nice, and offer her advice (mostly on her crush on Jarvis).

Knox Knoxford

Knox is one of Piper's friends and coworkers. In one episode, she asked him advice on how to be a happier person.


Piper: Everything here is incredible. I mean if you care about...stuff.


  • A running gag is that Aster will often make fun of Piper's appearance, usually by making fun of her clothes or likening her to a boy.
  • Another running gag is that Jarvis will be oblivious to Piper's many attempts at getting him to notice her.
  • She once wrote a song about her feelings for Jarvis. Which he heard at a concert on the roof of KnickKnack during the night, explaining her tiredness at work in Pants Full of Ants
  • She, along with Jarvis, pretended to be Mrs. Bubkes' child in order to help Mrs. Bubkes/Candace get out of serving in the military.
  • In an attempt to find out how Jarvis felt about her, she pretended to be going away to work at another company in Junior Fish Gutter.
  • She seems to show an interest in anything dark and morbid.
  • She has two dark sides in Wind-Up Robot.
  • In Season 3, after Bowie told Piper that Jarvis wasn't in love with her, she decides to just be friends with Jarvis and had the same oblivious nature as him, starting from Raindrop Rabbit.
  • She created a commercial for Knickknack Toys in Joy Buzzer.


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