Pop Superstar
Pop Superstar
Season 1, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date July 29, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
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Dr. KnickKnack's Medical Bag Gizmospinatron
"Pop Superstar" is the 22nd episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


When Pop superstar Caden Clark hides from a crowd of crazed fans at KnickKnack Toys, he becomes hooked on KnickKnack's video game "Pop Superstar" and decides to quit being a Pop superstar to become a professional "Pop Superstar" player. Jarvis and Piper must figure out how to get Caden to perform at his concert that night.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Calum Worthy as Caden Clark




Character Revelations


Running Gags

Series Continuity

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