Snack in the Box
Snack in the Box
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date March 3, 2014 (CAN)
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
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Angie Lobster Trap
"Snack in the Box" is the 9th episode of the 1st Season of Some Assembly Required.


When the annual toy convention is in town, Jarvis attempts to prove Geneva's usefulness by putting her in charge of designing the product. But she creates a nightmarish toy, forcing Jarvis to save face.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Bruce Salomon as Harold Sperling




Character Revelations

  • This episode showed that Geneva is capable of coming up with great ideas for toys, but that she is too lazy to do so.


Running Gags

Series Continuity

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